New coach

Published 15.11.2016
New coach

The Police Sports Center announced the name of a new coach for Matej Beňuš. Pavel Ostrovský will take over after Juraj Minčík. ,,I coached Matej and cousins ​​Škantárs for eight years, we successfully finished our cooperation after winning the Olympic medals. They were very patient and were rewarded for their hard work,” said Minčík, who after years of competing and coaching needed a change and wants to spend more time with his family. However, he will continue to advice to and cheer for Matej, Peter and Ladislav. 

,,I would like to thank Juraj for everything he has done - he endured it all with us, we can be all quite difficult sometime,” Matej joked. ,,Pavel Ostrovský was our best option, I'm satisfied. How it works in reality, we will see in the coming months,” Matej added a few remarks about the new coach. ,,When Juraj told us after the Olympics that he is done, he advised both me and Škantárs who could coach us in the future. We know who's available, who's not. We have known Pavel for years and he is an obvious choice for us."
Pavel Ostrovský has worked for the Police Sports Center since 2011. With Andrej Málek they achieved a great success last August. Andrej became the European champion in the K1 men category under 23 years. Málek will join the training group alongside Beňuš and Škantárs. ,,It's definitely a plus that we will have a kayaker in our group, with new energy,” Matej said. ,,I have been deciding for almost a week whether I will accept the offer to become a new coach. It is indeed pleasure to coach successful Olympians but it is also a huge responsibility. Moreover, I know very well from Juraj what this job entails. I approach it with respect. I know the boys well, they are laid back - I believe well-being is a foundation for success. I already have a few ideas for our training together,” said Pavel Ostrovský.
The whole training group will prepare for the following season in Australia and possibly New Zealand this spring. Matej Beňuš will go to test the new course Vector Weo Whitewater Park in Auckland first. He will travel there this Thursday for a race exhibition called WhitewaterXL, where he will compete against the best paddlers.