New partner - BILLA

Published 26.10.2016
New partner - BILLA

It's official - Matej Beňuš and Billa Slovakia became partners and they have a clear objective. ,,We believe that the cooperation of a top athlete and BILLA  will help to deepen the commitment of our company in the field of education and healthy lifestyle, while promoting our efforts to present itself as a company dedicated to family values. Matej, a successful athlete and a responsible family person, is for us an ideal advocate of this message,” said the CEO of Billa Slovakia Dariusz Bator. He added: ,,We are honored that we can support Matej's sports activities.” Silver medalist from the Rio Olympics accepted BILLA’s offer with enthusiasm. Matej said: ,,I am glad that I can be the face of BILLA. It is crucial for athletes to eat well and BILLA focuses on healthy foods."

With help of Matej Beňuš, BILLA's ambition is to raise awareness of Slovak customers about balanced diet. They offer a program of guaranteed prices and their own products to remind the customers that healthy food should not be a privilege but a standard for each family. Matej revealed his diet secrets: ,,I would say that healthy nutrition plays an important role for all whitewater kayakers - and other professional athletes in general, who want to perform for one hundred percent. I do not count every gram of carbohydrates and fats I eat, but during the training and racing season I am trying to be careful.”