The sweetest welcome

Published 15.8.2016
The sweetest welcome

Matej Beňuš is finally at home. The whole family waited for him at the Vienna airport – wife Ivanka, son Simon, mother Jana, father Ladislav, and also a few fans and journalists. ,,I am finally at home and I would like to enjoy it with my family. Although I have already celebrated my silver medal back in Rio, it is my duty to celebrate at home again, said Matej shortly after the arrival.

But Matej will have to wait to relax. Straight from the airport, he went to the Magio beach where he was interviewed by journalists. Later, together with the "golden cousins” Škantárs, he went to the TA3 television for another interview. After a short sleep at home, he was a host, together with Simon and Ivanka, at the morning show Teleráno in the Markíza television. To have enough power for all this, he received a specialty unbaked creamy cake prepared by his son Simon and his wife Ivanka. What a sweet welcome! 

In the coming weeks he has more races to come. ,,I am going to compete at the two World Cup races in September, so I have to prepare for them. I will train mostly in Čunovo and I would be glad if you come to see me,” Matej invited all his fans.