To Rio with backup

Published 17.5.2016
To Rio with backup

Again on the road! For further training stay will Matej Beňuš certainly fly merrier, because with him are travelling to Brazil cousins ​​Škantárs whose performance is well below the thumb Juraj Minčík. On board should be also Jana Dukátová and kayaker Jakub Grigár.

,,Finally we go to a fine water," laughed Matej, who din´t like cold water in Liptovský Mikuláš during European Championship much. ,, Although I would certainly prefer to train at home in Čunovo and was at home with my family, but for the success I have to sacrifice something," said Bratislavan.

,,In Rio we are going to heat us up," says coach Juraj Minčík. ,,I watched the weather forecast, there are pleasant 24 degrees." The plan of the May preparation of Matej is clear. ,,We want to map as much as possible that water, because as we can see, there are many combinations. It's about how who built gate, the gate can be moved anywhere. We want try as many variations as we can and somehow get them in hand. And then we just have wait to see, if the builder hits us those places that we have retrained."

By Juraj Minčík is Matej still at the volume preparation. ,,We are going to less speed, but with the approaching date of the Olympics it will change. Matej gradually take dynamism and speed." Slalom competitor already knows, what awaits him. ,,Trainings will more or less similar to the previous ones, may be less, we will not ride an hour and a half in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon, but only an hour, so we did not get so tired. I'm glad to be back with my coach," told Matej just before leaving for the airport.

To say goodbye to him came also wife Ivana and sons Simon and Tobiáš. Simonko has already given the clear instructions about next gift from Rio. ,,After bus, he wants a plane," smiled Matej.