European Championship Liptovský Mikulaš

Matej Beňuš was satisfied with Friday’s qualifications. He joined the best without any hesitation and will not have to compete for the spot in semifinal in the second round. He ended up fifth, with time 98,37 seconds (+2,87). He qualified for the finals that would happen on Saturday from the 8th place, with time 104,55 s (+4,76). He was not successful in the finals though, he touched the gate and because of one more mistake, he finished 5th, with time 111,56 s (+11,69). Matej’s spirit was lifted by winning the 7th gold in the team competition, his teammates being Michal Martikán and Alexander Slafkovský. They won the championships with time 118,26 s (+4).

Photo: Pavol Uhrín -, Ľuboš Houška - SPR media