The highest goals

Published 3.1.2017
The highest goals

End of the year was finally a time for Matej Beňuš to enjoy his family after a busy season. At the “Sportsman of the year in Slovakia” he took the 5th place and could not resist doing some sport activity during the holidays. ,,I and my family spent our Christmas at my parents. We were altogether thirteen people including children, so it was a busy time but very lovely. Our tradition is to do some exercise during the Christmas Eve,” said Matej about his family traditions.

The New Year`s Eve he spent with his wife and children in town Skalka, where he went for a training running camp. ,,I was really happy to discover there was a snow because last year we ran there on a dry surface. Weather conditions were absolutely perfect. I could choose a different trail every day, so I have also been catching up on my last season. Of course there was a time for visiting a gym and regeneration,”added canoe slalom paddler who is heading to a warmer place soon.  ,,I am not expecting much to relax at home. In the first half of January I am heading to Australia, where we are going to have a spring training camp with my team. Also I am going to have my first competitions of the year 2017 over there. I don`t want to change anything in my preparation. All we have done so far was very good, especially last year when I succeeded to get a medal at the Olympic Games. For upcoming season I have the highest goals. Definitely I want to success at the European Championships, all events of the World Cup and at the World Championships, too,” said Beňuš about his plans for season 2017.