Return from Penrith

Matej is traditionally travelling around half the world at the beginning of the calendar year, so he can train for the new season in the southern hemisphere. It was no different this year and he went to familiar place - Penrith, Australia. „It went very well in Australia. I managed to do everything in training that I had been planning to do. There were no injuries nor complications. I think I am fully prepared for the new season,“ said Matej after he returned home. He spent almost two

Silver return

The waiting for the first start in new season has ended. More than four-months-long break between competitions is over for Matej Beňuš. He has started 2018 the same way he finished 2017. On Saturday, at Australian Open in Penrith, where he has been preparing for new season for more than two weeks now, he finished second among strong competition. He achieved the same result in the same place and at the same competition last year. The silver Olympic medallist from Rio de Janeiro 2016 won the

Penrith again, soon

The old year met with the new and there is a long travel awaiting Matej Beňuš. Together with his family, he will be heading to the southern hemisphere, to find better training conditions for the 2018 season. He will be preparing in Penrith for almost two months, and he will attend the very first competition of this year there - Australian Open."I am glad that we can attend this first-rate international competition as a part of our trainig camp. We can put our shape to the test, there will be

Christmas at the Beňušs’ family

The most beautiful holidays of the year are approaching. Everyone gets to rest, mostly with their most beloved ones. It will not be any different for silver olympic medalist from Rio 2016, Matej Beňuš. „We spend Christmas at parents’ place, almost whole family, it’s a tradition. We always have a nice time together. Now it is a bit different atmosphere, since there will be three little kids, my two included. So we will make Christmas mostly for them,“ says 30-years old Matej. While

Canoe as a shopping basket

A canoe at the cash register and surprised customers. Canoe slalom racer Matej Beňuš was shooting the second video from the series for his platinum partner, BILLA company. The grocery was at the full service. The fans can see the video not only on the website, but on his facebook funpage as well. Silver olympic medalist accepted a big challenge this year. He was shooting two videos for his platinum partner, both starring his canoe, but this time in unusual situations. While in the first

30 favourite things

This year, November 2nd was unique for the silver olympic medailist Matej Beňuš. He blew off 30 candles on his birthday cake. And here we have exactly thirthy things he likes - expect for canoe slalom.   Family – Ivka, Simonko, Tobi: It might sound like a cliché, but in my case it is really true that they are my biggest happiness. Parents –  I often joke that I had no choice, they decided for me and I am a canoe slalom racer. However, I am thankful to them for that. And not only for

Matej endorsed an inclusive talkshow

Successful slovak canoe slalom racer Matej Beňuš has endorsed an inclusive talkshow about sport as its ambassador and supported the activities of Special Olympics Slovakia movement. It began with an educational cycle for hight school students, which is meant to bring the idea of inclusion closer to young people - through sport. The mission of the inclusive talkshow touch our national players. Matej told us about what place in his life the sport has and about importance of passing the

New face of an exclusive brand

Silver olympic medailist, canoe slalom racer Matej Beňuš, has become the first sportsman who will wear the exclusive brand called Nicollas Berenique. The company belongs to leaders in the men’s fashion industry. Made-to-measure clothes for customers and high-quality materials are the characteristic sign of the brand. Their suits are comfortable, stylish and elegant. The olympic medailist Mateja Beňuša will wear the clothes from Nicollas Berenique mostly for social events, but not only

Saturday's silver medal from the world championship

Three events, one gold medal, one silver medal. That’s Matej Beňuš’ result from the 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom & Wildwater Canoeing World Championships that took place in Pau, France. Silver olympic medailist from Rio de Janeiro 2016 was one of the three canoeists who won the gold medal in the canoe team competition. Together with Michal Martikán and Alexander Slafkovský, Matej won the gold medal for the seventh time in a row. "It’s incredible that we are the world champions for the

Gold medal for the start

The very first day of the 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom & Wildwater Canoeing World Championships in Pau, France, and Matej Beňuš has a gold medal. The siler medailist from Rio de Janeiro 2016 and his colleagues Alexander Slafkovský and Michal Martikán achieved the gold medal in the team competition 3x C1. It was eight medal from world championships for Matej. It’s a long series of victories for the Slovak trio with Matej Beňuš - they achieved the seventh gold medal in a row. They started

The World Championships are starting

The 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom & Wildwater Canoeing World Championships taking place in Pau, France, are starting. Matej Beňuš will compete at both of them. Silver medailist from Rio de Janeiro 2016 doesn’t want to be a makeweight in France. “I miss the world championship medal in my collection and I’d like to have it. However, I will start in Pau as anywhere else - I’ll do my best and we will see how it turns out,“ he says. In 2017 he achieved a few medals. ”I  feel that I could




In canoe among bread rolls and fruits

Three hours of video shooting and tranfering in a boat, all during the opening hours of the store. That’s what shooting of two videos looked like for silver olympic medal holder, water slalom racer Matej Beňuš. The videos were made for his platinum partner – the BILLA company. Even though Matej Beňuš is known for liking unconventional challenges, the shooting was almost unimaginable for him. Unlike the preparation, the actual shooting took only a few hours. Only comig up with the

Satisfied with June, stays home for a while

Five weeks, and four weekends of competitions. That is what is behind the silver Olympic medalist Matej Benus. After finishing fifth at the European Championships in Tacen, World cup came and in it Matej finished second in Prague and first in Augsburg. But at the end of June and beginning of July in Markkleeberg, Matej for the first time in this season did not make it to the final. "I am satisfied with the first two World Cup races, where I finished in the front. Overall, I can evaluate it

Great gold from Augsburg

Matej Benus, after finishing fifth at the European Championships in Tacen, Slovenia, and his  second  position in the first round of World Cup in Prague, showed last week that he belongs to the world`s best. He managed to win the second round of World Cup in Augsburg, Germany. On Sunday, he finished third in the semi-final, but in the final he performed flawless ride and defeated Sideris Tasiadis from Germany. The silver medalist from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was satisfied after the

The support of charity by sport

During the first weekend in June, Matej finished fifth at the European Championships in Tacen, Slovenia. He has not relaxed from the competing, as the World Cup series begins. Silver medallist from Rio 2016 has always the highest goals. "In Tacen I succeeded in confirming fifth position from the last year. Nothing can be done, we need to go forward. I am looking forward to World Cups. In June, I plan to participate at three races and I would like to succeed in all of them. But rivalry is huge



Good start at the Europeans

Matej Beňuš was the last one to start in Friday morning’s European championship qualifying in Tacen, Slovenia, but with bib number one he finished first. The start of continental championship has then worked out well for the silver Olympic medallist from Rio. “The run was pretty good. Main goal was to advance to the next round so I don’t have to worry about the second part. I have given the others over two seconds, so I’m totally satisfied,” he said while still in the canoe. The


Goal at Europeans is breaking the curse

After being awarded Olympic silver medal in Rio de Janeiro, Matej Beňuš is on the verge of a “proper” competition in white water slalom. Long months of hard work are behind him and now he’s got the opportunity to compete with rivals from Europe, as the continental championship is coming up in Tacen, Slovenia. He will take part in qualifying on Friday morning, while the semifinals and finals are planned for Friday. C1 team event is coming up on Friday afternoon. “I’m looking forward




Matej and Lucka water

With the arrival of the next racing season, Matej Beňuš has news. A limited edition Lucka Spring Water is coming to market, and Matej, as a successful Slovak Olympian, will be presented on the label. "The drinking regime is important not only for us athletes but for everyone, regardless of age. I hope that the bottled water with my portrait will taste great. I will try not to smile at you only from the label but also after every race at the awards ceremony!”, said Matej. Silver medalist


Silver again

The Olympic silver medalist, canoe slalom paddler Matej Beňuš has been already successful at his new season. His good shape was confirmed at Australian open by finishing second. Slovak representative in category C1 has already competed twice this new season. With the time of 96,73 s (+0, 95) he finished second in Penrith. ,,After amazing first place in qualification round and first place in semifinals my final ride wasn`t what I had expected. I was not able to repeat the same fast

Successful start of the seaso

First competition and first winner`s podium. Olympic silver medalist, canoe slalom paddler Matej Beňuš has started his new season in a good shape. He took the 2.nd place at the Oceania Championships in Auckland, New Zealand. Slovak representative in category C1 has started his post-Olympic season on Sunday. He finished second with time 90,91 s. ,,I am very satisfied with this competition according to a fact that I trained and spent time on water only ten days. I felt good, won semifinals

Heading to Australia

Over two months in New Zealand and Australia. That`s an upcoming program for the canoe slalom paddler, Olympic silver medalist from Rio de Janeiro 2016, Matej Beňuš. At the end of January he is also going to defend his title of Oceania from last season, where he has started the most successful season of his career.  Matej is departing on Monday, January 16. He is planning to spend his first two weeks in New Zealand and rest of the spring training camp will spend in Australia at the Olympic

The highest goals

End of the year was finally a time for Matej Beňuš to enjoy his family after a busy season. At the “Sportsman of the year in Slovakia” he took the 5th place and could not resist doing some sport activity during the holidays. ,,I and my family spent our Christmas at my parents. We were altogether thirteen people including children, so it was a busy time but very lovely. Our tradition is to do some exercise during the Christmas Eve,” said Matej about his family traditions. The New

The face of charity campaign

More than 178,000 euro people donated during the gala Hour for Children, a collection of Children of Slovakia Foundation, which supports projects, that help children and young people. This year, the face of a charity campaign was also Matej Beňuš and he fully supports its motto ,,Time dedicated to children returns to you". ,, I am the father of two sons. The most precious things I can give them is time,“ said Matej.

Next year with Toyota

Toyota extended the cooperation with Matej Beňuš also for the year 2017. The slalom racer became the ambassador for the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid in 2016. ,,I'm really glad that even in 2017 cooperation with Toyota continues. During this year I really enjoyed the car and it suits me in every way. I travel a lot and really long distances, so I need a car that is not only safe, comfortable and spacious, but also reliable. Toyota RAV 4 hybrid is also economical in terms of consumption, which is a

Matej tested new channel

Matej Beňuš likes the new channel Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Auckland. He announced it also his fans on Facebook just after few days of training. But they wanted mainly know, how ended he on the last race of this year - on the Whitewater XL. ,,We started rather unusual competition, the whole line was only eight gates, and physically it was quite difficult. Every mistake was deciding and I did it. So I did not get into the top three," said Matej. The first was the German Franz Anton

Family time

Last week Matej Beňuš and the Škantár cousins announced that they will have a new coach - Pavel Ostrovský.  Although Juraj Minčík, their current coach, was all smiles at the press conference, he admitted that weeks of deciding on his future career were not that much fun. ,,It's been a while since I made my decision about the coaching change. It was a hard decision for me. Now I have made my peace with it, but I confess that while I was deciding, I struggled a lot internally, because

New coach

The Police Sports Center announced the name of a new coach for Matej Beňuš. Pavel Ostrovský will take over after Juraj Minčík. ,,I coached Matej and cousins ​​Škantárs for eight years, we successfully finished our cooperation after winning the Olympic medals. They were very patient and were rewarded for their hard work,” said Minčík, who after years of competing and coaching needed a change and wants to spend more time with his family. However, he will continue to advice to and

'Silver rings' for Rio

Matej Beňuš celebrated his 29th birthday in advance at the X-bionic sphere in Šamorín in late October, where the Slovak Olympic Committee handed over symbolic checks to the most successful athletes from the Olympics in Rio. ,,It was a very pleasant evening, to remember Rio and to celebrate with other Olympians,” said Matej after he watched his run from the Olympics from the Deodoro course again. Matej's final run was enjoyable to watch. He said: ,,These are definitely the most memorable

New partner - BILLA

It's official - Matej Beňuš and Billa Slovakia became partners and they have a clear objective. ,,We believe that the cooperation of a top athlete and BILLA  will help to deepen the commitment of our company in the field of education and healthy lifestyle, while promoting our efforts to present itself as a company dedicated to family values. Matej, a successful athlete and a responsible family person, is for us an ideal advocate of this message,” said the CEO of Billa Slovakia Dariusz

I would like to inspire the youth

It's been more than two months, since Matej Beňuš won a silver medal at the Olympics in Rio. You would think that after returning home he would take some time off, but the opposite is true. Media interest and social events are keeping him busy. In fact, Matej said: ,,There have been so many events that I cant even name them all and there are still many to come”. His most recent experience was to take part in a show named I Love Slovakia, where he competed on a team with Dan Dangl. But

Home, at last!

The Final World Cup race took place in Slovenian capital Ljubljana, in Tacen. And although the race for Matej Beňuš started promising, he finished in 8th place with a time of 77.08 s (+3.35).  ,,It didn't go as planned. Organizers of the race failed with the course preparation -  the course had to be shortened by 30 seconds after the semifinal due to technical problems. The French officials protested and as a results there were 15 boats allowed in the finals - there were paddlers who

First medal from Prague

Matej has finally broken the spell that followed him in Prague. Despite many paddling achievements, Matej Beňuš did not have a medal from this particular World Cup race. However, the situation has changed today. Firstly, he qualified from the semifinal to the final without any hesitation and then performed very well in the finals. Because of many obligations and duties after he came back from Rio, he didn't have that much time for training before the race.  ,,I do not understand how

Advancing to the semifinal

It was a sunny day during Friday's competition in whitewater slalom kayaking in Prague's Troja. The second day of the World Cup race began with C1 men qualification runs. Among the best paddlers who did not have to do a second run was also Matej Beňuš. With a time of 93.76 he finished in the second place (+1.28) after his first run.  ,,I paddled well, except for one touch at the end of my run. If I didnt touch, I would have finished first. But I have reached my goal, I qualified for the

Will Matej break the spell in Prague?

Matej Beňuš in currently in Prague, preparing for the fourth round of the World Cup series. This will be for the 14th time the Troy - one of Prague’s districts - will host this event. ,,We have nice weather, which is great,” said Matej the day before the qualification race.   ,,It's interesting that I always paddled well here over the past few years, but I never medaled in the final before. I have either touched a gate or made a mistake. Last year I finished fifth. This year I would

Traveling with the medal

Since he returned with the silver medal from Rio, he barely had time to rest. During interviews with journalists or TV appearances, Matej Beňuš had his wife Ivanka and older son Simon with him. His younger son Tobiáš spent time with his grandparents. ,,I'm extremely happy to have achieved such an excellent result, and won the silver medal for Slovakia,” said Matej at a luncheon that was prepared for him by Toyota Slovakia. ,,Although I have already celebrated my silver medal back in Rio

The sweetest welcome

Matej Beňuš is finally at home. The whole family waited for him at the Vienna airport – wife Ivanka, son Simon, mother Jana, father Ladislav, and also a few fans and journalists. ,,I am finally at home and I would like to enjoy it with my family. Although I have already celebrated my silver medal back in Rio, it is my duty to celebrate at home again,” said Matej shortly after the arrival. But Matej will have to wait to relax. Straight from the airport, he went to the Magio beach where

Matej won the silver for Slovakia

Matej Beňuš has succeeded during his Olympic debut. With the time of 95.02, he won the silver medal for Slovakia. ,,It is an incredible feeling to win an Olympic medal. It has always been my dream to get a medal from the Olympic Games. Ever since I saw Michal Martikán win gold in Atlanta, I wanted to bring a medal from the Olympics as well. It was very hard. I saw during the semifinal runs that all the competitors are very strong. Luckily, I have improved my final run by five seconds. I

I will need a peace of luck

Matej Beňuš mastered the qualifications at Rio and made it to the semifinals from the sixth place. At 18.30 CET should start the semi-final race, if the planned program disrupt the  unpredictable weather not. And also unpredictable is sport, Matej knows it, and he knows also, he will need luck. ,,Sport is kind of lottery, sometimes it works and sometimes not. The success bring as backbreaker, as a piece of luck," said slalom racer before the race of his life. ,,I take it as a challenge

I would like to bring a medal to Slovakia!

Matej Beňuš confirmed the good knowledge of the Olympic track channel, and despite the challenging weather conditions manage their qualifying race successfully. Matej at his premiere under five circles in Rio fought his way to the semifinals in category C1. For procedure qualification with time of 95.05 from the sixth place. ,,The first run was for sure because it was a little windy, and the second I let it go a little bit, I wanted to race," Matej told us just after qualifying runs. ,,I had

Final countdown until the Olympics

Only a few hours are left until the Olympic premiere of Matej Beňuš. The Slovak slalom canoe athlete trained hard and now hopes his efforts will be awarded. ,,I feel great and I am looking forward to the race. I know a lot of people will keep their fingers crossed for me, so I will try not to disappoint them and hopefully deliver high quality performance,” said Matej. Every day he receives many encouraging messages on social networks from his fans.

I hope not to make a mistake

Only one week remains until Matej Beňuš takes part in the much anticipated battle for an Olympic medal. The journey has not been easy for Matej. It has required a lot of patience and discipline. ,,It was a rather difficult period, but only because I had to travel a lot,” said the slalom athlete. Compared to other Slovak canoe slalom athletes, Matej has trained the most in Rio. This has given him plenty of time to learn the course. He has seen the whitewater venue evolve as its features

Firstly on the castle, then on the beach

Last hours before the important departure to Rio spent Matej Beňuš already in the Olympic style. On Saturday mornings, together with the whole Slovak Olympic Team, he met the Slovak President Andrej Kiska to get sworn in to be part of the Olympic Rio Team. ,,I wish all of you achieve, what you desire, " said President to the sportlers. Matej took the decree and the Olympic insignia from the President for the first time over. ,,It was definitely a nice experience," he said after promising

Relax and Hard Work before Rio

Matej Beňuš utilized the last training camp in Rio before the Olympics to the fullest potential. He already knows the channel very well and therefore believes that he is prepared for the race. ,,It has been a long preparation, with lots of travel and training. I am glad that the peak of the season is finally near," said Matej after his arriving back in Bratislava. However, until he travels to Rio for the Olympic Games, he will definitely not procrastinate. In the mornings, Matej trains

Rio seemingly asleep; Matej is working hard

Only a month to go and it’s finally here! The whole world is anxiously expecting the beginning of the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but the city rather seems “asleep”. ,,I can´t speak about the olympic atmosphere here in Rio, so far we have seen only a few cars with the logo of  the Games Olympics 2016," describes the situation Matej Beňuš. ,,Our venue is almost ready for the event, the grandstand is almost done and the big screen are being currently installed,” adds the

French whitewater challenges Matej

Matej Beňuš mastered the qualifications at he third World Cup race in Pau, France and made it to the semifinals from the second place with a time of 105,7 seconds (+0,08) and zero penalties. His semifinal run was perfect and he proceeded to the final from the first place with a a time of 98,26 seconds and zero penalties. However, the final run wasn’t quite as successful for Matej Beňuš as the previous ones.  During his final run, after a touch at the gate number 11th, he acquired

A disappointing race in Spain

The second World Cup race in Seu d’Urgell in Spain wasn’t quite as successful as Matej Beňuš wished. Even though he enjoyed the training leading up to the race on the local course, he felt disappointed afterwards: ,,It was warm, nice, and I was looking forward to a good competition,” said Matej before the start.  He mastered the qualifications on Friday and proceeded to the semifinals from the first place with a time of 92.42 seconds and zero penalties. His semifinal run did not go

From a Rival To Becoming a Coach

The paths of Matej Beňuš and the Olympic medalist Juraj Minčík crossed in many ways. Firstly as rivals and competitors and later as a coach and his trainee. Both have dedicated their lives to whitewater slalom canoeing and they both competed in the C1 category at the races all around the world. ,,The last time I raced, it was in the same boat with Matej at a race in Wisp in the US in 2008,” disclosed Juraj Minčík and he continued: ,,At that time it was a rarity, but now many C1 racers

To Rio with backup

Again on the road! For further training stay will Matej Beňuš certainly fly merrier, because with him are travelling to Brazil cousins ​​Škantárs whose performance is well below the thumb Juraj Minčík. On board should be also Jana Dukátová and kayaker Jakub Grigár. ,,Finally we go to a fine water," laughed Matej, who din´t like cold water in Liptovský Mikuláš during European Championship much. ,, Although I would certainly prefer to train at home in Čunovo and was at home

Happy seventh gold!

With a comfortable lead in the form of seven seconds defended Michal Martikán, Alexander Slafkovský and Matej Beňuš their reign in the post of European champions with a time of 118,26 s (+4). ,, I am glad that I am finally leaving Liptovský Mikuláš with gold. I was a little worried since the mid-line, but it was enough to win," said Matej after the race patrols. ,,If I compare this ride with those from previous years, was not as good, but it was due to the fact that the track was

Unfortunate ,,eskimo"

Already the European Championship semi-final was marked by a number of penalty seconds that worsened the performance singlcanoe representatives. But Matej Beňuš finished it with luck. Pitch eventually found him in the final. First in form of two-second time penalty for the touch of the sixth gate. Nevertheless everything seemed to indicate that in the finish will he still come with a chance to get a podium. But after the twenty-second gate Matej bathed in river. He finished on place

Sure semifinal

European Championship semifinal in C1 happend under a cloudy and rainy skies. In whitewater slalom Ondrej Cibák fought Matej Beňuš to the afternoon finals with a time of 104.55 (+4.76) and ended on the position. Without penalty seconds. ,,All the time I checked the tip of the boat, I was not in a hurry, because I knew I had reserve. Compared to yesterday I went better, I was starting off with neoprene gloves, to protect me from the cold ice water." Weather was truly bad and the water

Fight for a medal

Rainy and cold forenoon on Friday welcomed the slalom competitors in whitewater slalom Ondrej Cibák in Liptovský Mikuláš. The first day of competition began with qualification men C1. Among the favorites, which forwarded in final and who will not have to fight in the second round of semifinals, ranked without hesitation also Matej Beňuš. With a time of 98.37 s conquered place (+2.87). ,,It was such an average qualifying ride, I went on more or less sure, but I'm happy because I did

In Liptovský Mikuláš expected he Europe

He paddles without a break. As soon as Matej Beňuš returned from the Brazilian Rio and have some rest in home Bratislava, he traveled with his family to preparatory training to Liptovský Mikuláš. There will be from to May the European Championships in Slalom and Matej is pleased that he will compete finally properly.   ,,I look forward to the race, because I took part on the last race more than two months ago. I must admit that I miss the atmosphere of the competition. This

Winning competition training

A fresh wind and jagged sun accompanied the first days of May. Quite different conditions from those Matej Beňuš used in exotic Rio. He had last race in late February in Australia, and so he has missed the competitive adrenaline yet. Therefore slalom race rafting in Čunovo, organized by Japanese carmaker Toyota, came quite handy. And it was a change, to take on board other contestants. ,,It's definitely different than when I'm alone, but sometimes it is a good change," smiled Matej. He

Hot training in Rio!

Matej Beňuš takes the preparation for the Olympics in Rio extremely seriously. Since the beginning of the year he regularly travels directly to Brazil to be best acquainted with the local conditions. ,,The good thing is that I am already nominated for the Olympics, so I can completely use all official training directly on the Olympic channel," says Matej. ,,It is a modern facility, neither easy nor heavy. I compared this channel with channels from previous Olympics and it is indeed easier

Gold Australia

Two races, two wins! Matej Beňuš could not wish a better start to the Olympic year. After the sovereign success at the Australian Open in Penrith he also triumphed at the Oceania Championships. ,,It is a sign that I had a good winter training and I'm on the right way. These victories will surely help to increase my self-confidence, “ said Matej Beňuš about the competitions in Australia. But he told also, that to go to the race from full training is not the best choice. Qualifying was a

Olympic fever rise

About a year ago, he won the ,,ticket” to  the the Olympics, but his joy is still high. ,, It was my dream to start at the Olympic games and I think my expectation will still escalate just before the start.” Matej Beňuš deposed successful Michal Martikán from the throne and beat Alexander Slafkovský in the local Slovak qualification. ,,It was difficult because we all three Slovaks are in the top four of World ranking. It's a shame for Slovakia that only one of us can go to the

Family slalom

Matej Beňuš has water in his blood. His mother competed in water slalom and afterwards she worked as a coach so already as a baby he spent much time by the water. ,,I competed in my first race when being about the age of eleven. I first rode kayak and canoe, " tells Matej. But it was not clear that he will be water slalom competitor. ,,In elementary school I practiced handball, football... I didn´t like water too much, so parents had to force me. Now I am thankful them for it.  If